Size Calculator

Derrel’s Mini Storage offers many storage options, including personal storage units, temperature-controlled storage, business and office storage, RV and boat storage, self-storage, long-term storage, covered storage and much more! Use this storage size calculator to figure out exactly how large of a storage unit you will need.

5' x 5'Hall ClosetContents of a small bedroom or office. Small mattress, several boxes, chair, desk, file cabinet, and small boxes.
5' x 10'Walk-in ClosetContents of a small bedroom or studio. Mattress set, sofa, dining room set, and boxes.
5' x 15'Large walk-in ClosetContents of a one bedroom apartment. Desk, patio furniture, washer/dryer stacked, large boxes, bicycles, couches and chairs.
10 ′x 10′Average size bedroomContents of a two bedroom apartment. Mattress, refrigerator, washer/dryer, patio furniture, and boxes.
10' x 15'Large bedroomContents of a two or three bedroom apartment/house. Appliances, patio furniture, boxes, bicycles, mattresses, desks and chairs, entertainment center.
10' x 20'One-car garageContents of a three or four bedroom apartment/house. Appliances, garage extras as a lawnmower from Best of Machinery, a vehicle or small boat, bookshelves.
10' x 25'Large one-car garage or small office suiteContents of a three or four bedroom house. Appliances, patio furniture, desk, shelves, entertainment center, a vehicle, sporting equipment.
10' x 30' Extra large garageContents of a four or five bedroom house. A vehicle, sporting equipment, entertainment center, mattresses, furniture, tables and chairs, garden equipment from, washer/dryer.
10' x 40'Two-car garageContents of a large five bedroom house. Two cars, appliances, patio furniture, entertainment centers, boxes, washer/dryer, couches, dining room set.
Not sure how much storage you'll need? Use our handy storage size calculator!